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Latest Updates…

Been awhile since i last posted…
Found my ol buddy Dave Cardwell…apparently he’s been in Vancouver for the past year working @ EA games. Also he and his partners have finally gone public with his final version of Mudbox.
He’s also had his first child. Lil Noa. Crazy cute lil guy.
As for me, Im still freelancing @ National Television. Just wrapped up a hell-ish Degree campaign. Clients were pretty bad. I would have ranked them up there with the Scion clients that i worked for when i was @ Blind.
Right now im working on a hilarious G4 network project that involves animals eating other animals. Foodchain type of concept but as a multiplayer game. Fun stuff.
Still insanely addicting to Gears of War online.
More and more peeps have gotten Xbox 360 just for GoW.
More fun as there are more peeps to kill..hehh…
Next month Honor and I are headin to Palm Springs again for the Pacific Life Open tennis tournament.
Should be loads of fun. Honor will be doing the tennis camp, while i get to shoot some large format pics of the desert while i wait for her to finish during the day.
Really looking forward to it.

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