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Californication Promo for Showtime – National Television

Californication Showtime promo

This was a fun one. National loved how the Red cameras performed on their Friskies commercial and wanted to use them again. I was stoked too. Was my first shoot using the Red camera setup.
We had 2 cameras shooting simultaneously, tested keys after each lighting setups.
Was phenomenal. The DP could see where the green screen had issues on the fly and tweak the lighting setups as needed.
David Duchovny was much taller than I thought. He seemed pretty much as he does in character he plays as Hank Moody in Californication. Either he is normally like that character, or he’s that good of a actor that he was TOTALLY in character.
I’m thinking its the former and not the later.  😉
Was 2 days total of shooting. Had to setup quite a few tracking markers on alot of the setups.
Once we were in post, we had about 41 shots to key, track, and generate some CG for. Some shots bigger than others.
In the beginning it was mostly Preston Brown and I, then Ash Wagers came on, and then Jose Ortiz came on the help wrap up the CG work.

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