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My new Denon AH-D2000’s

I’ve gone through 3 different Sony Studio Monitor headphones.
All i can say is, wow i think I’m converting to an audiophile.
Sony’s and Bose always had pretty nice sound, but these knock it out of the ballpark.
First let me comment of the build quality. Extremely nice. The main bulk of the headphones are made of magnesium. Only thing plastic i see are the actual cups.
Sony’s are almost always made of plastic. The actual supports for the cups always broke on me, hence me going through 3 pairs.
These are EXTREMELY comfortable. I’ve been listening to some of Bach, Radiohead, and some Bjork Vespertine. Just testing the range of sound on the Denon headphones.
On my Denon AVR-789 receiver and CD player,
i listended to a Jonas Starker recording of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Six Suites for Solo Cello, and I was blown away.
Extremely head-filling sound. Clean,warm, punchy bass, mid’s and high’s.
I could finally hear all the subtle deep inhales of Jonas Starker as he’s playing his cello. So killer!
Then i popped in a CD of Bjork Vespertine. I always felt album has some really nice production quality.
Wanted to test the bass response on a modern recording with bigger bass.
These Denon’s didn’t compromise. So much more recording details come out on these headphones. If anything i feel like modern recordings might add too much artificial processing to their recordings, because in these Denon’s everything comes through. Almost too much detail. HAH!
3rd test listening i plugged the Denon headphones onto my iPhone and listened to some MP3’s of Radiohead’s In Rainbows songs.
Regardless of the fact that its MP3’s and its playing off of some crappy Apple amplifier chip inside the iphone, the sound still sounded pretty damn amazing. MUCH better than any of my Sony’s. I would say the bass wasn’t as punchy and large as listening off of a proper receiver, and the some of the high’s weren’t as clean but this due to the fact that they are MP3’s and its an iPhone. If i were to compare these to the Apple earbuds included with iphone’s my old Sony Studio Monitor headphones, and my Bose Triports, on a scale between 1-10,with 10 being highest – it be as follow.

Apple earbuds – 3.0
Bose TriPort – 6.0
Sony MDR-V700DJ – 6.5
Denon AH-D2000 – 9.0

It’s been 3 hours of straight listening so far, and these headphones are EXTREMELY comfortable. Hardly feel them on my head. They dont pinch like the Sony’s ever did. I haven’t had any of that listening fatigue like i had with the Sony’s

Only complaint I have about these are that they don’t fold up conveniently like the Sony DJ style headphones did, and for $200-$300 headphones, they didn’t come with any kind of carry case or sack. The clothed cable are really thick, but if anything they protect them from getting kinked in any odd way.

If you are looking for uncompromising level of audio quality without having to break the $400-$$600 range for open Sennheiser Reference headphones.
I actually prefer closed style headphones for better privacy and shielding from ambient noise. Creates a more intimate listening space without using white noise like noise cancelation headphones.
I plan on getting a headphone amp from headroom.com for my ipod and converting all my CD’s with a uncompressed codec for all my music now.

BOTTOM LINE: Killer killer headphones. HIGHLY recommended!

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