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American Airlines = bullsh*t

So we get in line at American Airlines to check our bag. We get our boarding pass, but oddly they don’t give us our seat number. They tell us we have to get it at the gate.
We get to the gate, wait 45 minutes with other travelers who have been waiting at the same gate for 6 hours.
We finally get to the poor girl dealing with the throngs of angry travelers. She tells us we are on the “OS” list. Another words the Over Sell List.
We were 2 of the 5 last people who checked in so we go on this sacrficial list.
Our connecting flight is in O’hare airport, and they were getting pounded with bad weather, so the pilot wanted extra fuel for the plane. More than likely because he knows that they will probably have to circle around in flight patterns before they can land. But this means that the sacrificial lambs like us are gonna get cut to “save on weight”.
What I don’t get is HOW THE F*CK can a airline sell $1,200 in tickets and not honor them especially knowing its peak holiday season. I could have traveled to 3 countries in Asia for $1,200. And I’m just traveling back home to LA from Louisville, Kentucky.

American Airlines is getting a nasty letter from me. For sure.

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