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Pysop creates another crazy Coke spot


Psyop makes another CG extravaganza for Coke/Superbowl 2009. Very fun and playful. Beautifully animated, rendered, and composited. Exceptional work Psyop.

Original post by: motionographer.com

Only thing is, is it me or have some of the bigger “motion graphics” companies becoming straight up “vfx houses”?
Is this the sign of things to come for motion graphics? I left the post house environment back in ’02 to work on projects that are heavily design influenced.
Is this the end of motion graphics and back to ‘ol vfx post production world?

Check this Motion Theory piece out.


See what i mean? So whats’ the difference between Motion Theory, Psyop vs Riot, Method, and The Syndicate ?

One Response to “Pysop creates another crazy Coke spot”

  1. JamboaWamba says:

    Very interesting post. I would like to link back to it….