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Airborne laser shoots down missile test

Infrared photo of the laser intercepting the missile

Wow..this is nuts. LAtimes reports that they successfully tested a laser-based missile defense system mounted on a Boeing 747. Here’s some juicy snippits from the article.

A flying Boeing 747 jumbo jet equipped with a massive laser gun shot down a Scud-like missile over the Pacific late Thursday night, marking what analysts said was a major milestone in the development of the nation’s missile defense system.

The airborne laser is designed to defend against ballistic missiles by shooting them down while they are in the boost stage, or when they are lifting off.

During the experiment, a 747-400F took off from Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert. The laser, which was affixed to the 747 and powered by chemicals loaded into the aircraft, shot a super-heated, basketball-size beam that traveled 670 million mph to incinerate a missile that was moving 4,000 mph, the Pentagon said.

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