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Kirby’s Epic Explosion for Nintendo/Superfad

Kirby's Epic Explosion commercial

“Kirby’s Epic Explosion” for Kirby’s Epic Yarn video game for the Wii
Fun spot with a fun crew @ Superfad.

Was on set for FX supervision and helped Darren assemble a really fun 3d team @ Superfad. My new favorite tool for on set supervision is the Hilti Laser Range Meter PD 40. This helped me gather precise corner-to-corner to film back measurements where its normally not possible. This laser measuring device, i believe, has a range of 650 ft. Lining up and recreating the backplates in 3d were a cinch.
The 3d team and I pulled a grueling 3+ weeks straight schedule until 1am to complete the spot on schedule.
Had the pleasure of meeting and working with Richard Hickey from the London Superfad office and Superfad’s new addition Nando Costa.

A nice “making of” video compiled by Nando. Thanks Nando!


Agency: Leo Burnett
Directors: Richard “Sir Richard” Hickey and Nando “Nando” Costa
Executive Producer: Darren Jaffe
Producer: Danielle “Dani” Hazan
3d Lead/FX Supervisor: John “tito” Nguyen
3d team: Christina  Lee, Rommel Calderon, Grace Lee, John “The Maniac” Cherniack, Catherine Yoo
2d: Matthew “Lie Detector” Lyedecker, Donald “The Don” Strubler. Additional 2d help by Kyu Kim and Carlos Florez

2 Responses to “Kirby’s Epic Explosion for Nintendo/Superfad”

  1. Tim says:

    The fuzz is still one of my fav parts. How’d you guy’s pull that great of a texture look off so close to camera?

    • tito says:

      Hey Tim,

      the fuzz on the yarn characters are made with Maya Fur. thanks for the compliments. Me and the team R&D’d for a solid week before we nailed the look.