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ESPN U Broadcast Animation Package – National Television


Here is where i spent the last 6 months of my life. Working with the boys at National Television cranking out 800+ deliverables in HD for the ESPN U channel. Below is a montage that Brumby cut together for the National site. I plan on posting full animations hopefully in the near future.
There are alot of fun pieces that weren’t even in the montage. Big cred goes out to all the peeps who worked on ESPN U.

Art Directors: Brumby Boylston and Brian Won
Executive Producer: Jared Libitsky
Producers: Rebecca Blankenship, Dina Chang
3d Supervisors: John Nguyen, Hai Ho.
3d peeps in alphabetical order: Gene Arvan, Vinh Chung, Hao Cui, Kimberly Im, Andy Kim, Grace Lee, Yan Ng, Sal Rangel, Catherine Yoo
Compositors: John Nguyen, Hai Ho, Won Hee Lee

ESPN U Montage

ESPNU Football HallMark

ESPNU Winter HallMark

ESPNU Veteran’s Day HallMark

ESPNU Lacrosse HallMark

ESPNU Fall HallMark

ESPNU Mascots

2 Responses to “ESPN U Broadcast Animation Package – National Television”

  1. bama22 says:

    I’ve seen some of those on the college football live shows; Looking forward to seeing the rest. Any chance you could share a still shot of the Alabama logo?