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ESPNU Bowl Games Promo Animations – National Television

EPSNU Rose Bowl

Did another round of fun ESPNU work for National Television at the end of 2010. Only this time we made five full hallmarks in a record 5+ weeks. And I think it looks better than the first round! Another awesome 3d crew of peeps (some were from Kirby/Nintendo), who were dialed into the 3d pipeline and really banged out phenomenal work in such a short amount of time. Movies to come as soon as National launches their Vimeo page so I don’t have to upload the movies 😉

Company: National Television
Art Director: Brumby Boylston
Executive Producer: Jared Libitsky
Producers: Craig Houchin
Storyboard Artists: Aaron Stewart, Franck Louis-Marie
3d Supervisor/compositor: John Nguyen (me)
3d artists (In alphabetical order): Gene Arvan, Kimberly Im, Christina Lee, Grace Lee, Diffan Norman, Sal Rangel, Catherine Yoo

EPSNU Orange Bowl

ESPNU Sugar Bowl

ESPNU Rose Bowl


Orange Bowl

Fiesta Bowl

Sugar Bowl

BCS Bowl Championships

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